My goal this year is to read 15 books!

I chose fifteen only because it’s the year 2015 and reading two-thousand books isn’t an attainable goal for me.

(If I finish a book I started reading last month, that counts too as long as I complete it this year.)

So far, I’ve read The Alchemist and Mistakes I’ve Made at Work. Two great books!

This year, instead of being in the middle of several books, I’m actively reading just one book at a time. I say “actively” because I constantly download samples of books to my iPad and then only read that portion and never actually buy the book. This option has kept me from impulse buying books I’m curious about only to read the sample and hate it (The Four Agreements and The Happiness Project quickly come to mind!). When the sample of a book compels me to press “buy”, I feel like I’ve won some sort of prize. An even better prize is looking up the book on my library’s website and finding out they have an ebook available for me to download to my iPad. That is what you call a win!

Right now, I’m reading:

What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey

Oprah what I know for sure

I’m about 75% done with the book and so far, it’s really good. I’m not a fan of Oprah’s brand of “spirituality” and worshipping “the universe”. I worship God. Period. But I admire her work ethic, gratitude and accomplishments! She is a phenomenal woman and this book feels like I’m sitting down and just chatting with her about life – or more accurately and desirable – listening to her chat about life.

My favorite types of books are biographies about people who work in the field I’m in because it reminds me there are so many paths. There is no one way to reach your goal – and the only thing all of my favorites have in common is that they’ve persevered through any obstacle. This book isn’t a biography, but she does briefly talk about different parts of her career. Overall her message is to work hard, be positive and be grateful and “anything can be a miracle, a blessing, an opportunity if you choose to see it that way.”

What are you reading?

2 Comments on “What I’m Reading – Feb 2015

  1. Yeah, she’s big on the universe theory. I find it odd but so many others are following her even the ilyana lady…don’t watch her network but she is inspiring in her own way for some 🙂 I’ve yet to complete the book I started …I plan to read five lazy me hahaha. Good luck


  2. I agree with you. While I admire Oprah for her accomplishments, I have found some things she says rather disturbing. A lot of people want spirituality without any restrictions on their personal behavior, and no accountability to God or to other people, such as is outlined in the Bible. I, like you, believe in God.


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