housecleaning serviceI did it.

I called a housecleaning service and hired help to clean up around the house.

I’d been thinking about making an appointment, but when I looked into it, the obstacles seemed absolutely insurmountable! For one, the house has to be straightened with everything put away before they get there. That seems to defeat the entire purpose!

When I was in dire need of a housecleaner, this requirement stopped me in my tracks. I couldn’t walk because of the accident – or even lower my foot to the ground without extreme pain – so straightening up anything was pretty much out of the question. Now that I’m full weight-bearing, I can walk around the house putting everything in its proper place. I don’t have full mobility of my foot yet, so I’m not as fast or efficient, but I can certainly do more than I could just a few weeks ago.

And this morning I felt very motivated to clean up, so I did it!

Here’s what happened….

I had a rare day off during the week and I wanted to use it to clean my entire house. As anyone who takes on the tough task of cleaning (really cleaning) their house when it has been a while since they last did so knows, it’s nearly impossible to do a thorough job in one day. We’re talking straightening, getting rid of clutter, dishes, laundry, scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, etc. So, I figured today is as good a day as any to try out a housecleaning service! I called around to see who could show up today and two couldn’t fit me in on such short notice, but before giving up, I finally booked an appointment for that afternoon. ( I know I should have scheduled this, but I didn’t know I would have the day off until yesterday and I didn’t decide to hire help until this morning.)

When I booked the appointment with Molly Maids, the sales rep informed me that their maids don’t do laundry or dishes, so I immediately got to work on those chores and straightened every room in the house.

It took me a few hours to get the house ready and in fact, I finished just in time!

HousecleaningIt was weird surveying the house before the cleaners came because once all of the counters were cleared off and everything was put away, the house looked fairly clean already! Still it definitely needed a good deep clean.

I was nervous about letting two strange people into my house, but they turned out to be two really nice ladies! They brought all of their own supplies and, after I walked them around and pointed out which rooms needed work, they got right to it!

While I was in my dressing room folding laundry, it was great to hear one lady cleaning our master bathroom and the other vacuuming in the basement. Six hands are better than two! Yes for hired help!!

They cleaned our three full bathrooms, kitchen, living room, master bedroom, foyer, and kitchenette in about 90 minutes flat. I was impressed! They even swept and mopped the floors in the basement and upstairs in our laundry room. (We have more rooms than that but I didn’t want them to clean our home office nor my epic, spare-bedroom-turned-walk-in closet/dressing room.)

All I could think was, why in the world had I not done this sooner?

A couple of disappointments:

Oddly, the woman cleaning my bedroom didn’t make the bed. And they didn’t put the trash from around the house in the dumpster, instead they crammed it to nearly overflowing in my kitchen trash can. (Should I do the service again, I’ll ask them to make the bed and to put the trash in the dumpster that is in my garage.)

Other than that, it was absolutely perfect! My entire house is super clean. Way to kick off March!!!

The service is pretty pricey ($150 for 90 minutes!), so this definitely won’t be a weekly reoccurence, but I can definitely see hiring them again at some point.

I felt a little weird hiring help because it’s just me and my husband. We don’t have any kids or pets and we live in a ranch – how hard can it be to keep a clean house? But,we both work all day, all week (most weeks, I work six days!) plus I wasn’t able to walk for a full two months! Joe does a great job of keeping our house clean, but even he needs a break sometimes.

Those Molly Maids women were amazing and they really got our home it into beautiful, spotless shape.

Just say yes to housecleaners! If you can spare the cash, I say go for it! 

And – adding to this #DomesticDivaDay –  after cleaning up the whole house, I cooked a pot roast in the crockpot for the first time! Needless to say, my husband is a happy man.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This is absolutely not an advertisement for Molly Maids. I was willing to go with whoever could send someone over today and they just happened to be the ones with same-day availability. Yay for me! If they were terrible, this would’ve been a scathing review.)

Me or the house

Haha! I love this!

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