Doing something because you want to is one thing. Doing something because you have to is quite another thing…

I have never owned so many flats in my life!

My love affair with heels began years ago. I’m not exactly sure when I traded in my sneakers for stilettos regularly, but by the time I got a full time job in television, the only time I wore sneakers was while I was running.

I love heels

Now because of the foot injury that resulted from the car accident,  the doctor says he doesn’t know when I’ll be in heels again. I’m “cleared” to wear them but I physically cannot. The swelling has gone down a lot, but I still haven’t regained full feeling in my foot, nor the necessary strength in my calves and ankles that allow me to walk properly in heels. I’m not sure what the issue is but something is holding me back.

So I’m stuck in flats for the time being. And I’m not just stuck in flats. I have to wear stockings or socks every day because – though I’m finally walking – the scar on my right foot is still pretty fresh and unless I want it to turn black and purple, I have to keep it out of the sun.

So this is my daily challenge: find a work appropriate, summertime outdoors appropriate, formal event appropriate way to wear flats with tights, stockings, or socks.

Sometimes the challenge is easy. Pants with flats is fine – as long as the pants aren’t too long.

Pants make my life so much easier!

Pants make my life so much easier!

Skirts/dresses/shorts with flats on the other hand is trickier.

I hate the way flats look with dresses/skirts. #SufferThrough

I hate the way flats look with dresses/skirts. #SufferThrough

Don’t get me wrong…It’s a hassle and a mega-inconvenience, but I’m still thankful. I’m thankful to be out of a boot. I’m thankful to be walking. I’m thankful to be able to jog again.

I’m am not thankful, however, to have a shelf full of heels that I can’t wear. But this too shall pass…

In the meantime, bring on the “fashionable” flats!

Got these beauties from Plato's Closet. #PrettyFlats

Got these beauties from Plato’s Closet. #PrettyFlats

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