Making Progress!

Running in pink

I’m running again!

Well, I’m slowly jogging for a few minutes, walking, then jogging again. But I’m doing it!!

I have a new goal to run a full marathon next year. I was going for this year, but that’s unrealistic.

For now, I’m working up to being able to run for a full mile without having to stop and walk. My physical therapist told me to slowly work my way up and don’t push my foot too hard.

I jogged quite a bit last week and because I was swamped at work I took most of this week off.

This weekend, I am lacing up my running shoes again.

Running is one of the easiest ways to stay in shape and I was so bummed that I couldn’t run.

It’s not like I was running full marathons on a weekly basis before, but the ability to throw on shoes and jog around the block was something I really missed. And for a moment, I wasn’t sure if that would ever happen anytime soon.

But it happened!

I am jogging again!

Now I just need to find a running partner…

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