I’m really excited to be unplugged for a whole week — completely off the grid. I don’t know what anyone else is doing and no one knows what I am doing.

Our current society demands we be connected 24/7 but what does our constant connection do to our every day lives? If my face is buried in my phone, there is no time to think, imagine, create or even just be. And worse is when I’m with someone else and glued to my phone. Sometimes being “connected” really means being disconnected in reality.And it’s not just social media. I love the news and on my phone, the news keeps coming: breaking, entertainment, politics, lifestyle, random — all of it floods my notifications and emails. It’s a constant barrage and I have to read every bit of it.
This week will be a good opportunity to not know what’s going on around the world every moment.

I like sharing my life – photos, statuses,etc but what’s wrong with living my life just for me. “Twitpic or it didn’t happen” is a hilarious phrase, but why not just experience something just for me. No photos (at least none to share). No statuses or location updates. Mystery, anonymity, and unprompted memories are severely underrated.

What if no one knew what I was doing for a day? Would that day still hold importance and significance? Do I need “likes” on a photo to acknowledge an incredible day or experience?

When it comes to sharing, there are things in everyone’s life that is kept completely private. There are things I wouldn’t even consider sharing (a bank statement for instance), maybe I should add to the list of things.

This week, I’m excited to just BE. Giving my husband my 100% undivided attention for a full week.

I guess you can say I am connected. Connected to him ☺️

(Written July 11th & published August 2nd)

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