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One of the rooms, I was excited to decorate was my son’s nursery. I loved the idea of having a cute little space just for him. What I quickly realized is that the space is for my husband and I too. We do a lot of diaper changes, feeding, reading, and rocking him to sleep in that room.

After much debate, we chose the Charlie Brown/Snoopy/Peanuts Gang theme because both of us love the characters and we thought it was refreshingly baby-appropriate. One of our favorite holiday activities includes watching Charlie Brown holiday movies. We can’t wait until our son is big enough to recognize the characters on TV.

When we embarked on this project, to our surprise, Charlie Brown stuff is hard to find! I’m guessing it would’ve been easier around the time The Peanuts Movie was in theaters. Right now, procuring decor for the nursery has become somewhat of a game to us and whenever we DO find something, we buy it because we feel it’s a rare occurrence.

Between things we’ve found and gifts others have purchased for us, I think we’ve got almost everything we need for the nursery.

Check it out!  


Crib bedding was first priority. We checked all over the internet and the only options were Snoopy, but not Charlie Brown. That was kind of a bummer, but not a huge deal when paired with everything else in the room. We also have the sports theme Snoopy crib bed set so we’re going to change them out periodically.



I love the little details that bring the theme to life.

One of those details is the wall art. I wanted to hire someone to paint a mural, but my husband suggested we do wall stickers instead. That way, when he is older, all we have to do is peel the stickers off the wall and we can create a brand-new theme.

I ordered these stickers from Amazon and they came on a HUGE sticker sheet, so we peeled them off and stuck them on the wall. This is definitely a two-person job!

We put Pigpen over the changing table.


As you can see, my son LOVES the changing table.

And Linus over the rocking chair.


I really wanted a Snoopy doghouse bookshelf – something that isn’t sold in stores – so my husband made it happen! He bought a cheap bookshelf from Walmart, painted it and added two planks of wood for the roof. With Snoopy on top, the adorable bookshelf was complete. Our friends got us the tiny Funko Peanuts characters.


Baby Snoopy newborn photos

This is my newborn son wearing a 12-month Charlie Brown onesie.

More details! I got these light switch and outlet plates from a seller on Etsy. They’re stickers and they’re SUPER cute!

Of course, no nursery is complete without the CLOSET for all the teeny baby clothes. My husband painted the closet to match the blue walls, then he installed the closet organizers. We decided to go with an adjustable closet because we want the option to change the layout based on his storage needs as he gets older.

I got the rocking chair on Walmart’s website. Baby chairs are crazy expensive. Some of them are more than $400! So, I consider this $100 chair (including the ottoman) a total steal and it’s comfy!


The nursery is almost done! I say “almost” because DIY projects are never really done. Next, I want to get his name in big letters over the crib. I initially intended to do wood letters (which are incredibly easy to find in stores), but then I had the scary thought of one of the letters falling on him in the crib. So, I nixed that idea! I think we’ll go with stickers or foam, we’ll see.

For now, I call our Peanuts-themed nursery a total success.

Newborn Preemie Photography

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not a decorator. I admire interior design, I salivate over home decor photos on Pinterest, I even subscribe to three different home design magazines. Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills to make my dreams come to life. However, I do try and I figure that the more I try, the better I will get.  

So that’s my disclaimer! And if you are one of those HGTV-worthy designers who stumbled upon my blog, feel free to leave some tips in the comment section :).

Also, I’m not a photographer and the beautiful pictures are from Amanda Estep Photography and the crappy ones are from my iPhone.

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