As Alexander is getting older, I’ve been looking for activities in a more organized setting such as storytime or Tinkergarten as opposed to just running around a trampoline park or the playground (although I do appreciate those energy-draining activities as well).

With this in mind, I was really excited to check out “Moms & Tots in Pickerington” – a free playgroup for moms and their pre-schoolers! One of the women in my running group started “Moms & Tots” at Pickerington Baptist Church. We went to our first meetup last week and will definitely be back.

According to their Facebook page (and my personal experience) , the structured group activities include craft, snack, story, play and free coffee for moms. It’s an opportunity to spend quality time with my son while also connecting with other moms in our community.

What makes it unique and different from say, Toddler Time at Pickerington Library (which also provides story, play and fellowship with other moms), is they give a snack AND they’re faith-based.

Right now, the kids are learning about Creation. So, the week we came, the lesson was about Day 2 of Creation when God created the sky and the sea. They incorporated the lesson by reading the scripture, passing out a coloring sheet, using blue and white cotton balls on the enormous parachute, playing with sand, and providing blue jello and white whip cream (sky and clouds) for snack.

Honestly, even if you’re not a Christian or a church person, I think you and your kids would still enjoy the sessions.

Moms & Tots meets one Tuesday morning a month and welcomes mothers (and fathers and caretakers too!) plus their children aged 0-5. You can find out more updated info by visiting their Facebook page:

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