About Alissa

Alissa Henry

Welcome to my lifestyle blog! My name is Alissa (pronounced Ah-LEASE-Uh or Ah-LISA)!

What do I blog about? Well…

I’m an entertainment reporter, so I write about that.

I love being married, so I write about that.

I just had a baby, so I write about that.

My baby was premature so I write about that.

I lost my father suddenly nearly eight years ago, so I write about that

I’m a Christian, so I write about that.

I do super fun things, like be a guest on a talk show, so I write about that.

I will buy almost anything in pink (and almost anything in general), so I write about that.

Books are my escape, so I write about that.

I quit relaxing my hair four years ago, so I write about that.

I recovered from a pretty serious car accident, so I write about that.

I won a contest that launched my dream job, so I write about that.

I love telling stories about people in my hometown, so I write about that.

I started this blog in 2009 and, like everyone who is awake, my life has been a series of random, deliberate, funny, serious, sad, but mostly incredibly happy events.

I update this blog every few days or few weeks depending on the mood, so if you want to be notified, be sure to follow my blog for updates!!

And, if you just cannot get enough of me, like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter or follow me on Instagram!

Or email me AlissaHenry@me.com

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If you’re here because you’re interested in my work, click the links below to check it out:

Backstage Buzz and Columbus Creatives are two package series I created for ABC6 & FOX28.

CW Star Fun is what I’ve done while representing the CW Columbus

GDCFeatureReporterFun is some of the work I’ve done as a live feature reporter for Good Day Columbus on Saturday and Sunday mornings!

You can also watch my very latest videos on my Youtube page (AlissaHenryTV) 

Alissa and Joe 4DISCLAIMER: Everything written on this site represents my personal thoughts, musings, and opinions, and in no way is meant to represent those of my employer. 


2 thoughts on “About Alissa

  1. After reading your article, “Should Women Keep Their Married Name After a Divorce?” I think you would make a great guest on HuffPost Live. We are hosting a segment about marital statuses/name changes and we would love for you to join us via webcam tomorrow (9/11/2012) at 2:30pm EST. If interested, please let me know. Thanks!


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