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My Surprise 30th Birthday Party Recap!

I am amazed that this many people – most of which I see on a fairly regular basis – were able to keep this a secret!


Getting Married Despite the “What Ifs?”

When I was in high school, I couldn’t buy a pair of shoes until I looked at every single shoe in every single store that sold shoes in the entire mall. Why? I was crazed by the thought that I would find a better pair of shoes at another store, or the same pair of shoes at a better price someplace else. This, of … Read More Getting Married Despite the “What Ifs?”

The Apology

“An apology might help, but you can change your life without one.” -Robin Quivers The heartfelt apology. The sincere “I’m sorry”. The “Darn, I screwed up but I’m hoping you’ll forgive me.” Even the casual, “About that…yeah, my bad.” Does that ever happen in real life?


Red Toenail Polish, Pink Bedrooms and Changing Myself For A Man

What am I doing?, I thought to myself as I had so many times before, why am I always changing myself for men who never change their minds about me?

#TeamMarriage…and the Backward Society Who Is Against It

I think – black people specifically – would do better to stop encouraging one another to delay marriage…especially because people playing house are the problem, spreading kids, STDs and emotional wreckage around like peanut butter on a slice of bread.


The Moment I Knew: A Love Story of My Own

My guard had been irrevocably shattered and I knew at that moment this was it. He was IT.