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Keratin Complex Treatment Update!

I LOVE what this treatment has done to my hair and I have nothing but great things to say!

My CW Star Experience: The Keratin Complex Treatment

This is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my hair since quitting relaxers two years ago.


I Survived The Transition: My Relaxer-Free Update

It. Gets. Easier. That’s the one thing I tell every woman I know who is growing out her relaxer. Last year, I wrote about my transition and you can practically hear the tears of frustration streaming down my face. I wasn’t being dramatic, the first several months are super hard! I refused to do the Big Chop so I had to endure my hair being decidedly … Read More I Survived The Transition: My Relaxer-Free Update


This Black Girl is Running a Marathon!!!

I assumed marathon running is for African men or for white people who wear flip flops year-round and walk in the rain without an umbrella, but I was wrong! Black Girls Run marathons too! Count me in!


My “Sundae” Wedding Recap

Looking back, everything didn’t go exactly as planned but it was pretty darn close and, in some ways, way better than I expected.


Going Relaxer Free…and Hating Every Minute of It.

I hope I can at least tell other women with a similar grade and length of hair as mine who are active and considering quitting relaxers for vanity’s purposes to first consider, consider, consider!…and then consider some more!

Weave Woes…

I commend women who can wear weave all the time. I really do. I have some friends whose weave always looks good. Shiny, healthy, natural looking and not a strand out of place no matter the day, time or season. It seems like the lowest maintenance hairstyle ever…besides a shaved head. Since I decided to stop wearing relaxers, I figured a weave would help … Read More Weave Woes…