Blue Apron SUCCESS!

Blue Apron: Why I Canceled

This is me in my head!

If you’re like me then you have dreams of being some gourmet glamour girl. Hair in-tact, flawless makeup, rocking a perfectly pressed apron, feet in stilettos, cooking up delicious meals in a gorgeous kitchen.

In reality, you’re in sweats, house wrecked, hair a mess, barefaced, standing in your god awful kitchen and pulling crumpled, stained pizza place coupons out of the junk drawer.

This is me in real life

“That was last week. For real, this week will be different.” At least, that was what I thought to myself when the first Blue Apron box arrived on my doorstep. Continue reading “Blue Apron: Why I Canceled”

Yesterday, I Cooked

Me and my friend Danika. She's a good teacher!

I got the title of this blog from my soror Iyanla Vanzant’s book “Yesterday, I Cried” because I wanted the dramatic effect. Then I realized most people probably have never heard of the book and much less have ever read it, so never mind.

Anyway, yesterday I went with a friend to see Twilight Eclipse (Sidenote: Eclipse was good movie. I also saw the first two, but honestly what is with the million sequels to every sci-fi movie? Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, Twilight…sheesh! I hope Bella dies in the next one so we can all move on. Is that rude? Oh and I’m #TeamEdward by the way.)

Back to my story…

After Twilight, my friend suggested we make fajitas. My friend is an excellent cook. I am an excellent go-out-to-eater. My first thought was suggesting that I treat her to Cheesecake Factory instead. They sell everything, so I was sure they had fajitas. Continue reading “Yesterday, I Cooked”

Meal #2: Spaghetti

This ordeal took entirely too long, but look who can make spaghetti now??

AND my nephew said it was good (without my asking of course. I dont seek approval from a 9yr old who adores McDonalds).

This cooking thing really isn’t so bad….

And on my plate, it looks even better…

Very proud of myself! I made my favorite, practical meal 🙂

I am actually accomplishing things on my vision board! Yay!