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Blue Apron: Why I Canceled

If you’re like me then you have dreams of being some gourmet glamour girl. Hair in-tact, flawless makeup, rocking a perfectly pressed apron, feet in stilettos, cooking up delicious meals in a gorgeous kitchen. In reality, you’re in sweats, house wrecked, hair a mess, barefaced, standing in your god awful kitchen and pulling crumpled, stained pizza place coupons out of the junk drawer. “That … Read More Blue Apron: Why I Canceled

Yesterday, I Cooked

I got the title of this blog from my soror Iyanla Vanzant’s book “Yesterday, I Cried” because I wanted the dramatic effect. Then I realized most people probably have never heard of the book and much less have ever read it, so never mind. Anyway, yesterday I went with a friend to see Twilight Eclipse (Sidenote: Eclipse was good movie. I also saw the … Read More Yesterday, I Cooked

Meal #2: Spaghetti

This ordeal took entirely too long, but look who can make spaghetti now?? AND my nephew said it was good (without my asking of course. I dont seek approval from a 9yr old who adores McDonalds). This cooking thing really isn’t so bad…. And on my plate, it looks even better… Very proud of myself! I made my favorite, practical meal 🙂 I am … Read More Meal #2: Spaghetti