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I know, I know, I look JUST like that girl on the CW Columbus! (At least, that’s what people tell me when they bump into me during a late-night run to Walmart and I’m not wearing any makeup.)

CW Star Contest Update: I WON!!!!

Click inside to see the StarTV video announcing the winners!


CW Star Contest Update and Short Recap: Now We Wait…

A lot of people are asking when I find out and the answer is….I don’t know!!!!


CW Star Contest Video Blog: Have A Great Weekend For Less Than $10!

I wanted to do a video that was informative, helpful and highlighted a few different places in Columbus, so I’d call this video a success!

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Here’s Why You Should Vote For Me To Be The Next CW Star!

And I need EVERYONE to vote!


Columbus is Fashion!: My CMH Fashion Week Runway Show Recap

The CW Star competition continues!


CW Star Columbus Audition Update: I Survived the Judges Panel!

The interview was exhilarating (and nervewracking!) because I feel like I’m finally getting my shot at my dream career.

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CW Star Contest Makeover Day: My J.Bentley Studio and Spa Experience

If you’re looking for a new salon, you have to check out J. Bentley (and tell them I sent you!).

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So, How Did The CW Star Auditions Go Today? AWESOME!

Of course as soon as I was finished, I thought of all of the things I should have said or shouldn’t have said. Overall though, I’m pleased with my audition.

CW Star Auditions Are Tomorrow What Should I Wear? [Video]

Have you ever prayed for something saying: “God, if you give me this one thing I will never ask you for anything else”? That’s how I feel about these CW Star auditions tomorrow.

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The Countdown Begins: I’m Trying Out For the Columbus CW Star This Weekend!

In the past, they’ve picked one winner, but this year, they’re picking two winners! That definitely increases my chances, right?