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I know, I know, I look JUST like that girl on the CW Columbus! (At least, that’s what people tell me when they bump into me during a late-night run to Walmart and I’m not wearing any makeup.)


Hair Update: My Third Keratin Complex Treament

Today, I got another Keratin treatment! This is my third since January of 2013. I’ve written about the process extensively here and here. I got my first one in January 2013, another in October of 2013 then again today, June 9th. I’m going to try to get them more often moving forward, but honestly, the salon does such a good job of keeping my … Read More Hair Update: My Third Keratin Complex Treament

CW Star Contest Update: I WON!!!!

Click inside to see the StarTV video announcing the winners!

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Here’s Why You Should Vote For Me To Be The Next CW Star!

And I need EVERYONE to vote!

CW Star Contest Update: I’m In the Top Nine!

Prayer works!

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So, How Did The CW Star Auditions Go Today? AWESOME!

Of course as soon as I was finished, I thought of all of the things I should have said or shouldn’t have said. Overall though, I’m pleased with my audition.

CW Star Auditions Are Tomorrow What Should I Wear? [Video]

Have you ever prayed for something saying: “God, if you give me this one thing I will never ask you for anything else”? That’s how I feel about these CW Star auditions tomorrow.

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The Countdown Begins: I’m Trying Out For the Columbus CW Star This Weekend!

In the past, they’ve picked one winner, but this year, they’re picking two winners! That definitely increases my chances, right?