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Don’t Call Me Fatherless

I remember the last Father’s Day that my dad was alive. It was three years ago. I had just graduated from college and was visiting my mom in Atlanta for the week. Before I left, I had bought my dad two Father’s Day cards. I love cards and he did too so, every year, I would take a significant amount of time searching for … Read More Don’t Call Me Fatherless

If He Brings You To It, He’ll Bring You Through It: 751 Days Later A Burden Lifted

Two years and twenty-one days after his death, my dad’s estate is finally closed. When my dad died, I was named “executor” of his estate. I didnt even know what executor meant and I thought an “estate” was those big houses that belonged to billionaires.

I Still Dream About Him, Every Now & Then (Dreams of My Father)

Do you ever have those dreams that seem real? No unicorns, headless bodies or falling fifteen stories, I mean real dreams. Those dreams that you mention to your friends as though the events actually happened and they say, “Uhhh that never happened. Maybe you dreamed it.” I have those types of dreams on occasion. Last night was one of those occasions. The dream was … Read More I Still Dream About Him, Every Now & Then (Dreams of My Father)