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Ten Weeks Later: No More Walking Boot!

Today I feel good. I’m still not healed, but I am done with the scooter, walker, crutches and boot…FOREVER!


How to Decorate Your Crutches!

So, if you find yourself in an unfortunate circumstance that requires crutches, you may as well decorate them. And if you’re feeling particularly feminine, do like I did and make them pink!


The Seven Week Itch – I’m Over This Injury!

At the risk of sounding incredibly naive, I truly thought the injuries from my accident would last for six weeks total. But no.


We Survived the Car Accident! God Is Good!

Reunited with my phone and finally home! God is so good!!! He protected us from what could have been a fatal accident. As most of you know, after work on Wednesday night, Joe and I were involved in a multi-vehicle car accident caused by a semi-truck driver. When our car flipped, I didn’t know what to think. All I could do was cover my head … Read More We Survived the Car Accident! God Is Good!