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How to Decorate Your Crutches!

So, if you find yourself in an unfortunate circumstance that requires crutches, you may as well decorate them. And if you’re feeling particularly feminine, do like I did and make them pink!


My “Sundae” Wedding Recap

Looking back, everything didn’t go exactly as planned but it was pretty darn close and, in some ways, way better than I expected.

Happy Movember!

When I started the September shape-up plan, I committed to working out for 21 days. Well, it’s November 2nd, so I’m way past the 21-day mark and I’m still at it! Whooo-hooo! Working out over the past several weeks has been great. I’m noticing small changes in my body and big changes in my energy level and stamina! I can literally feel myself getting … Read More Happy Movember!