Marriage Stuff: Turning Toward Him

By the time my husband arrived home from work, I was already in sweats, curled up on the couch, blanket draped over my lap, three episodes deep in a Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 1 marathon. I’d planned to order a pizza and relax in that spot for the rest of the evening.

So when Joe got home and asked if I was hungry, I was fully prepared to suggest a medium pepperoni pizza for two. He had other plans, “how about something out of the box?” (No pun intended.) He suggested we go to a local restaurant/bowling alley.

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No More Fighting For Love

The other day, I read this quote on a Tumblr page about love: “Anything worth having is worth fighting for”.

Immediately, I thought to myself: that is one of the most ridiculous statements ever when applied to romantic relationships.

I know that now, but I only wish I would have realized that early on. Continue reading “No More Fighting For Love”

For Single Women Everywhere: There’s Hope

He was standing on the curb next to his shiny black sportscar dropping quarters in the parking meter when he caught my eye.

Dressed in a crisp white shirt, tucked into slim fitting grey dress pants held up by a black leather belt, he looked apprehensive. He must have felt me looking at him cause he glanced over at me after he finished loading the parking meter.

I knew him.

“Brian?” I called out.

He did a quick double take and smiled, “Hey Alissa!”

We were both heading into Chipotle as we started chatting.

Brian was a friend from elementary school, two years my senior. I’d only seen him a handful of times since then — the last time being a few years ago when I was still in undergrad and he was just starting law school.

We both were on a lunch break from our jobs, so we only had a few moments to talk but managed to cram in quick updates on ourselves, our families, and our career. He was working at a law firm downtown, but getting ready to leave the 9-5 to take up traveling and working on a new business venture he started in Hawaii fulltime. We talked about entrepreneurship and the importance of finding what you love to do and doing it now while we’re still young.

After getting our food, we promised to catch up again in a few weeks and went our separate ways.

As I walked away, I began to think: who convinced women there are no good men left?  Continue reading “For Single Women Everywhere: There’s Hope”

Ohio State Fair Engagement Photos or Something Like That…

Last year, Joe and I went to the Ohio State Fair together. That later became known as our first date. (I didn’t know it was a date at the time.)

This year, we decided to go back to the state fair and take pictures because we only have one picture from that important night. We had so much fun at the fair. It was a perfect day weather-wise, a little on the crowded side but we still got to ride the ferris wheel, play games, eat funnel cake and see the Butter Cow! The Ohio State Fair is definitely one of the highlights of my summer and the fact that it now holds special significance for me and Joe makes it ten times better!.

I’m not sure what classifies as “engagement photos”. Joe and I are engaged and these are photos so I guess these are it!

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How He Did It: The Proposal

After promptly announcing my engagement on Twitter and Facebook on Monday night, admist all the “congratulations” (smile!), “finallys” (rude!) and “when’s the wedding” (uhhhh I dunno!) there was the inevitable question: “How did he do it???”

So, I decided to post the story on my blog for inquiring minds who want to know how my wonderful fiancee proposed to me on April 25, 2011.

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Excess Baggage in Relationships…How Much Is TOO Much?

I love airports. I like dressing up nice and hustling through the airport like I am someone important with somewhere important to go. Plus, there is always the small chance that I will spot someone truly important (esp if I’m flying out of ATL-Hartsfield airport). I like celebrity spotting (typical Ohio girl, lol)

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was flying out of Vegas and my suitcase was exactly 50lbs. I breathed a sigh of relief when the scale stopped at 50. I am the queen of overweight luggage and usually end up having to either take stuff out of my suitcase or pay the extra money.

I remember asking my dad as a kid, “Why do they charge if your luggage is over 50lbs? Why 50 and not 55 or 45?” He shrugged and said “I don’t know, Bones. That’s the number they decided would be the maximum amount of baggage a person can carry.” He motioned to the man putting the bag on the conveyor belt, “Remember these guys have to be able to lift the luggage onto the plane.”

Now, years later as I watched the woman approve my luggage at no extra charge because it didn’t exceed the magic number of 50, I began to think…

In new relationships, how much baggage is too much baggage? Continue reading “Excess Baggage in Relationships…How Much Is TOO Much?”

So What If He Likes Me?

“You are beautiful.”

Three words that have been the death of me.

The beginning of a bad choice.

The opening line to a fatal ending.

The other day, I decided to establish two things with myself: I am beautiful. I am likable.

If I make these truths as real to me as my name, I won’t be a sucker for anyone who utters them anymore.

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Party of One: Eating Alone In Public Is Not Fatal

When you’re single (or “between-boyfriends” which is how I like to describe myself) people say you shouldn’t sit around waiting for love. You should get out there, enjoy life, forget about wanting to be in a relationship and eventually – when you least expect it – the love of your life will just manifest.

As someone who doesn’t believe good things “just show up” and instead good things come as a result of hard work and concerted effort, I always thought this was advice was silly. First of all, at what point will I “forget” about wanting to be in a relationship? Will I stop “enjoying life” when my love shows up? And because the love of my life has not shown up is it because I’m not enjoying life enough? Seriously, how does someone apply that vague advice? But I get the gist and the good spirit of it.

I don’t think women should chase men or spend their days moping around the house in sweats, memorizing their favorite chick-flick on DVD, eating ramen noodles and drinking vodka all the while lamenting to their friends about their inability to find a good man. You still have to live your life….even if the very people who advise you to live life don’t really mean it.

Here’s what happened….

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