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For Single Women Everywhere: There’s Hope

He was standing on the curb next to his shiny black sportscar dropping quarters in the parking meter when he caught my eye. Dressed in a crisp white shirt, tucked into slim fitting grey dress pants held up by a black leather belt, he looked apprehensive. He must have felt me looking at him cause he glanced over at me after he finished loading … Read More For Single Women Everywhere: There’s Hope

Single and Fabulous

I read something interesting today. It was entitled: Ladies: Why You Can’t Keep/Find a Good Man It was one of those typical: “Women this is all the stuff you are doing wrong. Here is what you can do to get it right and keep/find a good man”. Of course that gets a O_O from me. I haven’t even met a guy worth a second … Read More Single and Fabulous

In Defense of Wanting…a boyfriend, that is.

I haven’t had a “boyfriend” in approximately two years and eight months. Before the amicable end of that relationship, I had not been single for more than three weeks in 10 years (or since I started dating in fifth grade).  Throughout junior high and highschool, I changed boyfriends like mechanics change oil. For various reasons, every few weeks or months, I was “onto the … Read More In Defense of Wanting…a boyfriend, that is.