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100 Days until the BIG Day!

I love theKnot.com – mainly because it keeps track of how many days I have left until the wedding day. I also look at the little sidebar on this blog where I keep track of the days, weeks and months. Today is a big milestone day: 100!!!! It still feels like forever away, but I know it’s not, plus me and my fiance still … Read More 100 Days until the BIG Day!

Wedding Stuff: The DATE

A few weeks after getting engaged, Genuine and I sat down to discuss our wedding and we decided on the date almost immediately. I wanted to get married in August because it is one of my favorite months. It’s warm and it’s the month that school starts (I’m a geek, duh!). PLUS, August is the perfect distance between my birthday and Christmas and therefore will … Read More Wedding Stuff: The DATE

Wedding Stuff: Why Haven’t I Been Preparing??

I knew I wanted to be a “wife”, but never really considered the “bride” thing.