Broken Necklaces & Broken Relationships…Life Goes On

I broke my necklace yesterday.

It’s my favorite one. Chunky, black and with a cross charm on it. It wasn’t expensive (relatively), but I loved it. I was so happy when I found it and so happy to always wear it. It made every outfit complete.

I was wearing it when it broke. I was putting something in my car, the necklace caught on the bottom of the passenger seat, then all of the sudden – to my horror – the necklace fell into my hand. I didn’t know what to do and I was already late for where I was going, so I stuffed the necklace in my purse hoping to be able to fix it later.

Later, I pulled it out of my purse intending to fix it. One of the metal links must have come undone and fallen off. Without that metal link, I couldn’t put the necklace back together. I sighed and laid the necklace on my dresser where it has been torturing me with its un-usability. I love that necklace. It was my favorite. I haven’t had it that long yet, I throw it on with everything. I’ll really miss it.

Looking at old pictures of myself on Facebook today, I realized that all of my favorite necklaces broke. The only one still hanging on is my long string of pearls. Other than that, I clicked on picture after picture, viewing the necklaces I was wearing. “Broken, broken, broken” I muttered to myself.  Each necklace better than the last one, yet all meeting the same demise.

Then I began to think, the same thing can be said about guys in my past. Flipping through a mental photo album, relationship* after serious relationship after fake relationship after quick relationship, I mutter to myself, “broken, broken, broken.” Each guy better than the last one, yet all meeting the same demise…


My favorite necklace broke and my relationship with my latest favorite guy recently broke too.

It sucks. It hurts. It feels like the end of the world at the time, but it’s not. It never is. And as dramatic as I can be about a necklace breaking without warning, I am ten times more dramatic about a relationship ending with little-to-no notification.

But I’ve learned to do those relationships just like I do the necklaces, lay it on the dresser with a sigh then throw it away knowing that when I’m out and about, I’ll find another one. No use mourning over a broken necklace. No use mourning over a broken relationship. I’ll get another necklace. I’ll meet another guy. He’ll be better than my last and I’ll need a mental photo album to remember the old one. Because honestly as I clicked through my FB photo album, I realized that I had forgotten about most of those necklaces – though I’m sure I was devastated the moment they broke.

The heart is resilient. Life goes on. There is a store full of necklaces and a world full of men. And one of these days, I’ll find one of each…and they won’t break.

*I use the word “relationship” freely because honestly I haven’t been in a “relationship” as far as the boyfriend/girlfriend stage for years but that is misleading seeing that I’ve been romantically-linked to several guys since then. I still think of these as “relationships” even if Facebook won’t sanction them.

2 thoughts on “Broken Necklaces & Broken Relationships…Life Goes On

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  1. I had one ex-girlfriend…all kinds of hoops and necklaces and bracelets would hang from her. She was a genius at handling dangling things…… (ba dunk, dunk 🙂 You can probably fix that necklace with a paper clip. Maybe that favorite necklace still has some life left in it yet. Of course, I’m not sure that works well with your metaphor unless you plan on stabbing the ex with that paper clip 🙂


    1. You know what…I probably COULD fix my necklace with a paper clip!! Lol. Won’t work with the relationship though. Using roundabout means to re-attach someone to me has never worked in the past. Haha.

      As far as your ex…no comment, lol.


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