Marriage Stuff: Turning Toward Him

By the time my husband arrived home from work, I was already in sweats, curled up on the couch, blanket draped over my lap, three episodes deep in a Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 1 marathon. I’d planned to order a pizza and relax in that spot for the rest of the evening.

So when Joe got home and asked if I was hungry, I was fully prepared to suggest a medium pepperoni pizza for two. He had other plans, “how about something out of the box?” (No pun intended.) He suggested we go to a local restaurant/bowling alley.

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Abandon the Search for the “Perfect Will of God”

I don’t like when people overspiritualize things. I believe in Jesus and God and heaven and hell and the supernatural and everything that comes with it; however, if God didn’t want us to use logic, He would not have given it to us.

You have abandoned logic to your own peril if you stay in a terrible situation and then blame God.

People do this with jobs all the time. You don’t have enough money to pay your bills, but instead of trying to increase your income through asking your boss for a raise or seeking new employment, or a side job, you say: God didn’t tell me to talk to my boss or God didn’t tell me to quit or God didn’t tell me to accept this new job opportunity.

Ummmm…..You can’t pay your bills. What more does God have to say? Stop trying to be some sort of martyr and use the common sense God gave you.

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