Sweetest Day FAIL

MJZ1583So today is Sweetest Day…whatever that means. I didn’t have a date. But I did ask a guy on a date (first time for everything) and he said no (last time for everything). I don’t think girls should ask guys out on dates. In my case though, I have history with this guy so I didn’t really expect him to say yes anyway….I guess that’s a good and bad thing. It’s  good thing because my hopes weren’t sky-high. I was really only doing it to prove to myself and my friend that I wasn’t lying when I said the only person I wanted to go on a date with would certainly say no. It’s a bad thing because I’m like, “would it really kill you to spend an hour or two with me?”. Ugh. I will say though, he let me down easy. Said he had other plans (but made no effort to reschedule). I need to remember that when I’m letting men down myself. I normally go the “ignore him until he gets a clue” route. Not sure which is worse at this point.

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Welcome to my blog

I guess every blog is supposed to have an introductory paragraph. My name is Alissa. I hail from the great state of Ohio (the heart of it all…whatever that means, lol). I recently graduated from college and was slapped in the face by the reality of life less than two weeks later. (Thankfully, God is in control.)

The title of this blog comes from my best friend, Shannon. In college, she and I used to always say “this cannot be my life” when things were going wrong.

In theory, I’ll update this blog every day. That is, if I don’t forget all about it next week haha. I shouldn’t! I use the internet every day so it shouldn’t be hard to jot down at least a couple of sentences on my blog, right? I tend to overshare on the internet (follow me on Twitter: pinkissopretty5), but I’m trying to curb that. We’ll see how that goes. Besides, isn’t that the point of a blog? Idk. Anyway, I hope you enjoy 🙂