The Challenge: No Clothes Shopping for a YEAR!

If there is one thing I hate, it is laundry.

I hate washing clothes because, for me, washing clothes isn’t just a quick Saturday morning chore.

No, for me, washing clothes is an entire project of separating the loads (whites, lights, darks, towels and pinks!), washing them then re-separating the clothes that can be hung from the ones that can be tossed in the dryer. Then I have to scrounge around for empty hangers so I can hang the 70% of my clothes that I refuse to put in the dryer for fear of fading or shrinkage. Then I have to find a spot to hang my clothes until they dry. This spot includes the downstairs linen closet, my bedroom door, my bathroom door, my desk chair, and my canopy bed frame. Of course there isn’t enough space to hangdry everything at once, so I can’t finish one load until the other load has completely hungdry; therefore it takes me at least a week to wash clothes!

During that week, I’m having to put freshly soiled clothes in the hamper. So when I’ve washed all of my darks on Monday, then decide to wear a black dress on Wednesday, now I have a single dark piece that can’t be washed until the next time I do laundry.

Even before the famous "I can build you a better closet", Carrie Bradshaw had a pretty awesome closet.

Not to mention when I finish the whole separating, washing, drying, hanging debacle, there is the daunting task of finding a place for my clothes. It’s amazing that I can have a full hamper or two (or three) of clothes to wash, yet still have overflowing closets and dressers.


It’s insane!

This is partly because in my apartment, there isn’t really a place to store the different seasons of my clothes and partly because I’d rather buy new clothes than wash the ones I have in a timely fashion. So while laundry is waiting to be done, I’ve bought more clothes.

When my roommate moved back home to live with her parents, I stored all of the clothes/shoes/randomness that didn’t fit in my bedroom into that room. When I got a new roommate, my boyfriend helped me move all of my things out of that room and back into my bedroom. While we were moving stuff, I mentioned to him that I hadn’t bought any clothes during the whole month of February and I couldn’t wait until March 1, so I could go shopping. Then I wondered aloud if I could go another month and possibly not buy any more clothes until my birthday in April. “I think I have all the clothes I need for another month.” I said triumphantly.  Surveying my room and the amount of clothes piled there, he asked “Do you think you have all the clothes you need for a year?”

A year? Without buying ANY clothes?

For a split-second the idea seemed outrageous. I thought to myself, if I didnt buy any clothes for an entire year, what would I wear?

The clothes I have, I guess.

Shopping with friends is the best!

Clothes shopping is my thing. I think people (especially women) who say they don’t like to shop are weird. Who doesn’t like to shop? I love buying new clothes and wearing new clothes. I even like giving away clothes just to make room for more clothes. Giving up shopping would be like giving up a piece of my personality, like losing part of my identity! I know I sound like a shopaholic and maybe I am, cause honestly it the challenge enticed me for a second when my boyfriend mentioned it but after giving it more thought I realized that I don’t even want to give up buying clothes.

However, even as I’m writing this, I’m starting to think that maybe I should.

AND….the super silver lining is this: If I save $200 a month instead of spending it on here and there pieces of clothes, then at the end of the year I can go on a $2400 shopping spree!

Still, am I being realistic? Could a clotheshorse like me go a year without spending ANY money on clothes? Of course, I could still use gift cards and shop if someone else is offering to pay, but could I give up spending my money on clothes? For a year? This sounds like a #FAIL.

Can I give this up???

Maybe I shouldn’t look at it as an entire year. I could take things one month at a time and I’ve already gotten through February. I could make a game out of it by trying to see how many outfits I can make out of the clothes in my closet. I could stop telling myself that a new shirt is better than a shirt I have and remind myself that no one notices if I have 30 pairs of jeans or 3 pair…and that 3 pairs of the exact same pair of jeans is inexcusable (even if they were $10 a piece at Forever 21).

That’s probably what I need – a change of mindset when it comes to clothes and shopping. I know that I don’t need to buy clothes, but could I convince myself that I don’t want to buy clothes either?

Maybe I should try it. No clothes shopping for one year. February to February.

Besides, more clothes just means more laundry and you know I hate that.


Dear Jesus, please rain clothing gift cards on me this year. Amen.


9 thoughts on “The Challenge: No Clothes Shopping for a YEAR!

Add yours

    1. Hmmm….I didn’t start stepping my shoe game up until recently, and I have a long way to go so I think I can still let myself buy shoes 🙂


  1. Hi ya!

    I used to hate washing clothes myself especially as a man until I discovered a new way of doing it altogether. I am now using a laundry washing powder where I only soak for like overnight and the following morning it’s no scrubbing, no wringing, just rinsing! It is so cooooooooool, just SOAK AND RINSE and the clothes are super clean!


  2. I too have a problem buying cloths I dont need, then always scrimping till pay day!!! I have been thinking about it for a while lately, feeling slightly sick when I purchase yet another jumper or coat or whatever….. would love to sign up to this challenge
    Ok starting from today no more buying cloths for a year…… and I wont transfere this to buying makeup or creams I dont need either!!!!!!!!!!
    Here goes
    Ann 🙂


  3. great blog, love the no clothes shopping challenge! Just a small comment about quick laundry: Please be aware that you are one of the lucky 10% worldwide that has an automatic washing machine and of the 2% that even has a dryer. The rest is washing everything in washing tons and BY HAND. Just imagine the time and efforts not to mention the dry chapped hands they have to bear…


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