When Alexander’s first birthday party ended, I said I wasn’t having anymore birthday parties!

It’s not that we didn’t have fun, it’s that planning your child’s birthday party can be SOOOOOO much work!

For his first birthday party, my husband – who wanted a Christmas in July theme – and me – who wanted a Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang theme – came to the obvious compromise of throwing an Alexander and Peanuts Gang Christmas In July Birthday Party. The extra-long name pretty much says it all. We had a 12 foot Christmas tree, custom cookies, decorations both indoor and out, a photographer – plus we invited everyone! It was fun, but very exhausting. And, as you can tell from the photo, Alexander barely touched his cake.

As his second birthday got closer, I decided I still wanted to celebrate his birthday but I wanted to scale it waaaay back.

We ending up putting together a “Birthday Breakfast” party. He is down to one nap and I didn’t want to risk having to skip it by hosting an afternoon party. Plus, who doesn’t love breakfast!

For his first birthday party, I ordered a custom onesie, bib and hat. For his second birthday party, I couldn’t find anything cute and affordable at the last minute, so I decided to make his birthday shirt myself.

I designed a “two cute” print using Microsoft Word and iron-on paper. Not flawless but it worked!

Similar to last year, I downloaded a birthday poster from Etsy, updated with his theme and stats then got it printed in an hour locally.

For food, I ordered donuts are from Krispy Kreme and a cake from the grocery store. Plus I grabbed a bunch of other breakfast treats for the table.

We didn’t spend a fortune like his first birthday party, nor did we invite a ton of people, but Alexander had a great time.

He is loved, he is happy and he is two years old. That is worth celebrating!

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