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Spare Book Review

I was NOT expecting Spare to be so…relatable


Shop Small Spotlight: Tru Man Brand



How To Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

It’s not going to be easy, and it’s not going to be quick, but here’s how you can finally escape the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

Bedside Baptist: Worship Songs To Get Me Through The COVID-19 Crazy

There are countless, fantastic, uplifting, worship songs on Youtube. Here are just a few of my favorites that I’ve been listening to on repeat.


Books To Read During This Coronavirus Lockdown – Or Anytime Really

Think of this forced downtime as the perfect opportunity to fulfill your vague New Year’s Eve Resolution to “read more”.


Moms And Tots Pickerington

The structured group activities include craft, snack, story, play and free coffee . It’s an opportunity to spend quality time with my son while also connecting with other moms in our community. What makes it unique from other playgroups is this one is faith-based.

Game Plan: Taking Your Toddler to an Ohio State Football Game

Six things you should know if you’re taking your toddler to the game.


7 Essentials For NICU Baby At Home

When my son was born nearly ten weeks early, I had next to nothing prepared for his arrival, but after spending six weeks with him in the NICU, I had a much better idea of what I needed for him when he finally got to come home.

+ Spare Bedroom Closet

DIY Dressing Room Reveal

There are countless, amazing custom closet building companies out there, but we decided to go the DIY route to save money. Yes, it’s not as “nice” as the professionally built closets, but it looks pretty good (in my opinion) plus doing it ourselves was both substantially cheaper and more satisfying.

Royal Caribbean – Allure of the Seas Review

Before going on the cruise, I figured I would write a blog about Carnival Cruise ships vs Royal Caribbean cruise ships. However, when I stepped on Allure of the Seas for the first time, I realized that would NOT be fair.