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My CW Star Experience: The Keratin Complex Treatment

This is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my hair since quitting relaxers two years ago.


I Survived The Transition: My Relaxer-Free Update

It. Gets. Easier. That’s the one thing I tell every woman I know who is growing out her relaxer. Last year, I wrote about my transition and you can practically hear the tears of frustration streaming down my face. I wasn’t being dramatic, the first several months are super hard! I refused to do the Big Chop so I had to endure my hair being decidedly … Read More I Survived The Transition: My Relaxer-Free Update


Going Relaxer Free…and Hating Every Minute of It.

I hope I can at least tell other women with a similar grade and length of hair as mine who are active and considering quitting relaxers for vanity’s purposes to first consider, consider, consider!…and then consider some more!