Our Squats and Tots Experience

Recently, I finished a six-week “Squats and Tots” class and, frankly, the concept is genius and I’m floored there aren’t a million other classes just like it.

Squats and Tots is a 30-minute group, play-based fitness class for parents/caregivers AND their kids. It’s the brainchild of FindWhereYouFit.com founder Lindsay Goodman.

The class takes place at Picadilly playcafe in Bexley or Jewish Community Center.

What makes it so great is that I’m able to get in a good workout *with* my kid as opposed to *in spite of* my kid.

The class is open to children 0-5, it’s a relaxed atmosphere, and Lindsay does a great job incorporating the kids into the workouts. My son refused to be put down most of the time, so I would end up holding him throughout the class which was fine because nothing is better than lunges while holding a 22lb baby, right?

The classes I attended started at 9:30am which gave me enough time to get him up, give him breakfast and then go.

When we arrived, we checked in at the Picadilly desk. (The employees there are super nice and recognized us every week.) The class meets in a room in the back of the play cafe that’s separated by a curtain.

In class, Lindsay takes us through a series of workouts incorporating strength and cardio. She plays music using her phone and of course the soundtrack is super kid-friendly. My favorite is the itsy-bitsy spider song because Alexander let me put him down and he laughed and laughed while I sang and did the moves. (Never thought to do squats while singing that!)
There’s yoga mats, bubbles, and even a Magic Moves Electric wand that told us to stomp like an elephant or soar like an eagle or leap like a gazelle, etc.

Each class ends with the huge rainbow parachute (yes the one from your 8th grade gym class!) and each kid takes a turn riding in the center as the rest of us shuffle around in a circle. After each child has gotten his turn, all of the kids get under the parachute while the parents pump it up and down. (Alexander loooooved this part!)

Squats and Tots provides both a great workout and a great way to meet other moms.

Plus – at the Picadilly location – after class, your kids can run around in the play area and you can grab a snack from the cafe.

The sessions last six weeks and the cost of the sessions we attended were $75. A little pricey, but worth the cost in my opinion especially because there’s no added cost for more than one child and registration includes a Picadilly play pass for the day.

Learn more about Squats And Tots at FindWhereYouFit.com

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