Five Creative Must-Have Products for Babies

IMG_2254The other day, one of my friends posted on facebook asking for product recommendations for new moms. I posted several items there and it gave me a great idea for this blogpost.

Motherhood is a funny thing in that when you’re pregnant and go to the store to check out baby stuff (R.I.P. Babies R Us), you feel overwhelmed and feel like you don’t know WHAT to get. Then, as time goes on, after you buy too much of one thing and not enough of another thing, one day, you realize that it wasn’t as hard as you thought.

Of course there are the essentials: diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers and a Boppy pillow. But there are also the non-essentials that in hindsight, I couldn’t live without!

Fair warning, I’m that mom that will buy almost anything (within reason price-wise). That’s bad news for my wallet, but good news for you if you’re reading this list looking for new ideas.

Unfortunately, none of these items are “sponsored” or “advertised” and I don’t benefit at all from the purchase of any of these items. Just mom to mom sharing what I like! (I linked back to Amazon just so you know where to find them.) So here goes:

There are a lot of infant car seat covers out there, but this one is by far my favorite. It protects against rain, bugs and sunshine. But what makes it must-have is that I can SEE the baby inside of the car seat. A lot of covers, cover the baby but once he’s covered, you can’t see him. Seems like a huge design flaw for neurotic moms like me who wanted to check and make sure her kid was breathing every five seconds. PLUS, it gives the added benefit of letting strangers see your cute, squishy baby without being able to stick their grimy fingers in his face. Worth. Every. Penny.

This is a neat little cushion that you stick in the infant swing at the park and it helps your baby fit better in the swing. It also works in a grocery cart! If you have a baby that tends to be hot, this won’t help, but it definitely keeps him from sliding around.

There isn’t much your baby can play with when he’s first born. However, around two months, this Kick N Play Piano Gym is the only toy you’ll need.  Initially, he’ll just lay there looking up at the toys, but eventually he will learn that he can kick the piano. It’s so cute!! And eventually, yes mama, you will know the jingles by heart.

And speaking of toys! This portable activity arch comes in handy on rockers, strollers, changing tables, bassinets, and pretty much anywhere your baby will be lying on his back. It comes with its own toys, but like most other activity arches, you can add or takeaway toys to your baby’s liking.

Skip the kind soaked in bleach and get the “Daily Cleanser Wipes”. Supposedly, they’re made with only three ingredients, are free from harsh chemical residue, and still kill 99.9% of germs. They say it’s safe to use in baby areas and on food contact surfaces and in pet areas.

What are some of your “off the beaten path” must-have products? Comment below!

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