I used to workout ALL. THE. TIME. Recently, I was reading some of my old blog posts about running and I can hardly believe it was me! If I did it then, I can certainly do it again.

Unfortunately, if I thought finding time to workout was hard before having a baby, well, finding that time (and desire) has reached a new level of difficulty that I didn’t even realize existed. It’s even more important for me to workout now because a) I need the energy and b) I want to be in great shape to be able to keep up with my toddler (who is now officially toddling).

When I left my full-time job, I thought I would morph into that mom who works out all the time, is “super in-shape” and just generally has it together. (I have no idea why I thought this considering I haven’t consistently worked out in years and my plans to be that “super in-shape” pregnant lady then to be that “super in-shape” working mom both crashed and burned spectacularly.) Still, I know that the first step to reaching that goal is to actually put in some effort.

Cap City Quarter Marathon

Quarter Marathon in 2012!

My first plan was to start running again.

I actually ran a quarter marathon in 2012 and a half-marathon in 2013, so this isn’t totally crazy. BUT, I haven’t done much since then and therefore I get pretty winded just walking up the stairs at home. The hardest part of “getting back to running” is getting past the initial feeling-like-you’re-going-to-die-in-the-first-two-minutes. Once you push past that, it actually gets easier and before you know it, you’re calling a five mile run, an “easy” day.

Knowing this, I packed up my son, drove to the nearest walking path and proceeded to jog with him. I did this three times actually. Unfortunately, all three times it was 90 degrees outside, it took me about 30 minutes to walk/jog one or two miles, I felt incredibly self-conscious jogging alongside a street where people could drive past and see me, and then incredibly nervous jogging in a park alone with just me and my baby. This last part is what stopped me from going out a fourth time.


This was a rare but successful run/walk

Remember I said I ran a half-marathon? Well, to train for that, I used to run all over town. THEN I started working in news and local news is basically stories of one “jogger attack” after another. Sure, some were hoaxes or “husband-murderer-coverups” but some were legitimate and happened in my city at a park I used to run at regularly! So, running alone is out of the question.

I did find a running group online and that seems to be the safest option, but the posts were mostly just “meeting at 5am to run 10 miles! Comment if you’re in!” I didn’t see any posts about meeting up around 10:30 or 11 to jog maybe one mile. I guess people don’t find that worth the meetup. I get it.

Maybe I can try to get a group of people together who just want to run a mile or two?


Working out at home seems to be a popular option for some moms.

A friend on Facebook has gotten in fantastic shape after having two adorable kids and she did it by working out at home! When I reached out to her for tips, I realized she was selling Beachbody. Nothing against Beachbody or Les Mills or any other MLM fitness plan. They actually seem to work, but I just can’t pay someone $200 just to have them cheer me on via Facebook. And I definitely don’t want to be roped into trying to get other people to pay $200 for me to cheer them on via Facebook. I had a feeling I would be out $200 and still workout maybe once.

I’ve definitely motivated myself to workout FOR FREE in the past, why not now?

Maybe I can find workout videos on Youtube and do those at home for free?

They say the best fitness plan for you is the one you stick to and I strongly believe that. I just need to find something I can stick to!

Give me all the advice in the comments!

1 Comment on “Does Running Late Count As Exercise?

  1. Hi Alissa,

    I found working out is always a challenge and changing based on life changes. Single, babies, work-life etc. When my kids were little I’d go to classes at night so my hubby could watch kids. Another stage I’d go to classes in the morning at a community center that had child care. Eventually because things really got crazy video workouts were the way to go. I still do that and add in a yoga class.


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