No Sew Formal Dress Fashionable Fix!

I love formal dresses but sometimes they can be difficult to wear with undergarments.

Oscar Sunday, I featured Drexel Movie Theater’s Red Carpet Bash and I wanted to wear formal gown.

Drexel Theater Oscars

I found this one at Plato’s Closet (for $25!) and it was perfect…except it has an extremely low cut back. 

I didn’t have time to buy a low-back bra, and I’m not one of those lucky women who can go braless, so I had to think fast!

I figured that I wasn’t going to be spending a lot of time with my back turned to the camera, so it didn’t have to be a flawless fix. I just needed to do something in case my back was spotted on TV.

This is what I came up with and if you ever have the same issue, I hope it helps you!

Red dress with scarfFirst you’ll need a formal dress and matching pashmina. Luckily for me, I own a red one that is nearly the same color as my dress.

Then you tuck the pashmina (or whatever fabric you have available) over the bra.

folding dress

Drop it inside the dress careful to lay it flat inside then pull it taut. (This step is not photogenic as it involves lifting your dress up to pull the fabric just right).

Voila! Now your bra is not showing!

Back of dress

Hope this helps!

Before and after!
Before and after!

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