My Time (and Sanity!) Saving Style Tip: Use Pinterest To Help You Get Dressed

Add a flower to natural hair style (another Pinspiration!)

Add a flower to a natural hair style (another Pinspiration!)

One of the best things about my job as the CW Star is being invited to awesome events around the city. It also can be one of the most stressful when I’m deciding whattheheck should I wear?!

I love clothes and I love shopping and I have the enormous, stuffed-to-capacity walk-in closet to prove it.

Still, in all of those clothes it can be difficult to figure out what I should wear to a particular event.

Invariably, I will procrastinate on picking out my outfits until the last possible minute, panic because I don’t know what I should wear then immediately begin ripping through my closet and running around town to a hundred stores trying to find the “perfect” outfit. Minutes before I need to leave for the event, with my heart rate at 1000, I will be completely exasperated and conclude there is absolutely nothing available on God’s Green Earth for me to wear. Dejected, I’ll decide that I’ll just have to throw on whatever. Of course, when you’re getting dressed in that mindset, it’s impossible to look fabulous because a major part of looking fabulous is feeling fabulous. Ugh. It’s the worst!

If this sounds like you too, we do NOT have to live like this! Recently, I’ve stopped (okay mostly stopped) allowing myself to get to that point by continuously stockpiling a list of what I like to call my STYLEspirations.

Enter Pinterest.

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