My “Sundae” Wedding Recap

Me and my "Pretty Girl Rock" haha.

I’m married.

I always knew I would eventually get married, but to think you’ll do something and then to actually do it is pretty awesome.

The last ten months of my life have been I.N.S.A.N.E. Especially the last few weeks before the wedding. Looking back, everything didn’t go exactly as planned but it was pretty darn close and, in some ways, way better than I expected.

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Wedding Stuff: Deciding Not to Walk Alone

“If you lose a parent at an early age it feels like you’re losing them again at every milestone.” -Unknown

I hate to admit that it was Kim Kardashian who convinced me to ask my stepdad to walk me down the aisle at my upcoming wedding.

I was in the throes of wedding planning when I finally sat down to watch Kim’s Fairytale Wedding in early fall. (Had I waited just a few more days, she would have been divorced before I had a chance to watch the wedding!) Continue reading

Wedding Flowers…or Things that Make Me Want to Elope

When we first started planning our wedding back in May, one of the first things I said was “no flowers.” We’re all about saving money when it comes to this wedding and, for us, flowers were the easiest thing to eliminate. They’re a total waste of money and just another part of the whole wedding industry scheme to separate couples from their money in the name of traditions the couple doesn’t even care about.

I’m not really an Offbeat Bride. There are some wedding traditions that are important to me: white dress, bridesmaids, dancing etc. But there are definitely some I couldn’t care less about. Flowers are at the top of the list, right underneath favors, wedding programs, tuxedos for the groomsmen and (recently added) seat covers.

It’s not that I don’t like flowers. I absolutely love it when my fiance surprises me with flowers! But wedding flowers are an entirely different story. Continue reading

Engagement Photos: The Christmas at Easton Edition!

We already have incredible photos that re-enacted our first date at The Ohio State Fair (taken by Nigel Stratton), but our wedding photo package included engagement photos, so we figured why not do some more? Easton Towncenter is my favorite mall in Columbus and Christmas is my fiance’s favorite time of the year so, we decided Easton Mall would be the perfect place for our pictures!

Our photographer was Azar Photography and Andriy (the photographer) is awesome! After you take your pictures with him, he compiles this sweet slideshow for you:

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The Two Thousand Dollar Wedding Next Door

I recently just started reading The Millionaire Next Door. I am only about a third of the way through it, but if you care anything about personal finance, I suggest you pick up that book and read it. So far, it is so good.

Lately, I’ve been struggling a lot with wedding planning. Not because I’m having second thoughts about getting married, but because I’m frugal and therefore I cannot make my peace with spending beaucoup money on one day. I want to have a nice wedding that our guests enjoy and something to show that we appreciate their attendance while respecting our own financial situation at the same time.

Is this too much to ask???

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100 Days until the BIG Day!

Wedding Countdown!!!!

I love – mainly because it keeps track of how many days I have left until the wedding day. I also look at the little sidebar on this blog where I keep track of the days, weeks and months.

Today is a big milestone day: 100!!!!

It still feels like forever away, but I know it’s not, plus me and my fiance still have SO much to do. While making endless to-do lists, I also am making an already-done list. I do that when I feel overwhelmed in my day-to-day life and I think it’s a good idea for wedding planning too. So, today – with 100 days remaining – we have already: Continue reading

The Guest List: When Friends are Family

I think the first thing Genuine and I did after getting engaged was sit down with my laptop, pull up an Excel spreadsheet and begin typing out names for our guest list.

Who do we want to come to our wedding?

I’ve learned a lot about weddings in the past several months, mainly the different traditions. In traditional weddings, the parents of the bride host the wedding. However with many couples opting to get married later and later in life, moving across country and just generally being non-traditional, things have changed a lot.

It wouldn’t make sense for my parents to host the wedding now (though them paying for it would be GREAT!), so Joe and I are hosting our own wedding. We’re pretty much throwing a party for ourselves. This seemed like a given at first, but now it is actually sort of weird to me because I know that isn’t how it’s traditionally done.

Our parents will still be involved, but we are picking the date, time, place and guest list. This makes the guest list difficult.

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My Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta Experience

The Bible says in Proverbs 10:22: “The blessing of the Lord maketh rich and he adds no sorrow to it.”

Clearly, my wedding is a blessing from God Himself! I am looooving being a bride-to-be. It definitely makes the waiting period much more bearable when I feel like a new surprise – that I can ONLY experience during this unique time in my life – is just around the corner.

This thing truly just keeps getting better and better and better. As though being loved by the love of my life is not enough, he proposed to me in thee most *fantastic* way, Coldstone Creamery sent us a gift card for sharing our proposal story with them, Columbus Bride featured our proposal story on their website, we found the perfect venue, O State Fair tweeted our engagement photos (thus putting my blog traffic through the ROOF – like the day Max linked to my proposal story in her blog and it was reposted on FXP)….and today I taped an episode of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta!!! Continue reading

Wedding Decisions and My Wedding Vision Board!

For the past several weeks, I have been feeling all over the place in terms of wedding planning. There are just so many (TOO MANY) decisions to make even after we finally selected our ceremony/reception location. Unsure of what to focus on next, my mind constantly leaped around:

“What’s our theme?” “Should we do a theme?” “What are our colors?” “Are four colors too many?” “Should we serve dinner or just hors devours?” “Should we do hors devours or just desserts?” “Should we invite a lot of people?” “Where are we going to stay on our wedding night?” “Should we use a travel agent for our honeymoon or book it ourselves?” “Secrets or Sandals?” “What kind of centerpieces should I get?” “Is it tacky to email Save the Dates?” ” Should I allow any of my friends to bring plus-ones?” “Which photographer should I use?” “What song will play as I walk down the aisle?” “Should the song be live?” “Who is going to sing?” “What should the bridesmaid dresses look like? Long or short?” “It’s a winter wedding, should I wear a coat?” “Should I wear heels or flats?” “Should my hair be up or down?” “Which dress should I choose?”

Just so many questions!

On Friday, Genuine and I took a short roadtrip to his sister’s birthday party a few hours away. We used that rare opportunity to hash out our final guest list.  Then that Sunday, Genuine and I went to the bridal show. It was so much fun – and only slightly overwhelming – and we got a lot of good information from many different vendors. Since that productive weekend, I think my vision is starting to clear a little. Continue reading