7 Essentials For NICU Baby At Home

When my son was born nearly ten weeks early, I had next to nothing prepared for his arrival. This is mainly because he came the DAY before my baby shower and I didn't want to buy stuff before then, but also because I am basically a professional procrastinator.  Honestly, if it weren't for the last … Continue reading 7 Essentials For NICU Baby At Home

Baby Countdown Is On! 10 Weeks

I feel like I've been pregnant forever. Mainly because I found out in January, so I've been pregnant the whole year! But now I'm getting into the home stretch: I have just 10 weeks left! When I was in college, we were on an academic quarter calendar and each quarter was 10 weeks long. In … Continue reading Baby Countdown Is On! 10 Weeks

Five Places to Visit In Tipp City Ohio

My husband and I like to road trip and for my birthday we decided to check out Tipp City, Ohio.  I'd never heard of it, but he saw a quick blurb in a USA Today article --  50 state road trip: Beautiful small towns in every state. We've driven past Tipp City on our way … Continue reading Five Places to Visit In Tipp City Ohio

Blue Apron SUCCESS!

Blue Apron: Why I Canceled

If you're like me then you have dreams of being some gourmet glamour girl. Hair in-tact, flawless makeup, rocking a perfectly pressed apron, feet in stilettos, cooking up delicious meals in a gorgeous kitchen. In reality, you're in sweats, house wrecked, hair a mess, barefaced, standing in your god awful kitchen and pulling crumpled, stained … Continue reading Blue Apron: Why I Canceled