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Wedding Photo Slideshow

When I wrote my “Sundae Wedding” recap, I didn’t have my wedding photo slideshow yet. Much like our engagement photo slideshow, our photographer Andriy from Azar Photography compiled this sweet video for us with our wedding songs:


My “Sundae” Wedding Recap

Looking back, everything didn’t go exactly as planned but it was pretty darn close and, in some ways, way better than I expected.


Wedding Stuff: Deciding Not to Walk Alone

I balked at the idea of taking someone else’s arm and marching down the aisle like my dad never existed, but I realize that’s not what I will be doing.


Wedding Flowers…or Things that Make Me Want to Elope

So, it’s 23 days until my wedding and I still haven’t figured out the “flower thing”. I’m not some flower hater. It’s just frustrating that flowers cost SO much simply because it’s a wedding.

Engagement Photos: The Christmas at Easton Edition!

We already have incredible photos that re-enacted our first date at The Ohio State Fair (taken by Nigel Stratton), but our wedding photo package included engagement photos, so we figured why not do some more? Easton Towncenter is my favorite mall in Columbus and Christmas is my fiance’s favorite time of the year so, we decided Easton Mall would be the perfect place for our pictures! Our … Read More Engagement Photos: The Christmas at Easton Edition!

The Two Thousand Dollar Wedding Next Door

Where did we get this notion that we need to spend a year’s worth of Harvard tuition on a wedding reception? No way!

100 Days until the BIG Day!

I love – mainly because it keeps track of how many days I have left until the wedding day. I also look at the little sidebar on this blog where I keep track of the days, weeks and months. Today is a big milestone day: 100!!!! It still feels like forever away, but I know it’s not, plus me and my fiance still … Read More 100 Days until the BIG Day!

The Guest List: When Friends are Family

I think the first thing Genuine and I did after getting engaged was sit down with my laptop, pull up an Excel spreadsheet and begin typing out names for our guest list. Who do we want to come to our wedding? I’ve learned a lot about weddings in the past several months, mainly the different traditions. In traditional weddings, the parents of the bride … Read More The Guest List: When Friends are Family

My Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta Experience

Did I say YES to the dress???

Wedding Decisions and My Wedding Vision Board!

I am feeling a lot better, a lot more focused and a LOT more excited.

Ohio State Fair Engagement Photos or Something Like That…

Last year, Joe and I went to the Ohio State Fair together. That later became known as our first date. (I didn’t know it was a date at the time.) This year, we decided to go back to the state fair and take pictures because we only have one picture from that important night. We had so much fun at the fair. It was a … Read More Ohio State Fair Engagement Photos or Something Like That…

Wedding Stuff: Location, Location, Location!

Here’s the shortlist of places in Columbus that Genuine and I have looked at for ceremony and/or reception.